Investment Criteria

We seek equity ‘financial partnerships’ through our minority ownership equity investments in small and medium-sized companies that can be positioned for substantial growth through additional financing.

By partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams, SGC pro-actively works with portfolio companies to accelerate growth. Whether we take a minority or majority ownership position, our approach is the same. We view ourselves as a ‘financial partner’ that actively structures, negotiates and facilitates financing to help growth driven management teams reach their companies’ full potential.

Many of these companies require structured combinations of private, corporate, and institutional funding to achieve their growth objectives or to successfully capture growth opportunities.

Basic Investment Criteria

SGC seeks minority equity participations in companies that are, or can be positioned for accelerated growth. Our key investment criteria requires the following attributes;
   ➢ Company is publicly listed, or intends to become publicly listed within 12 months.
   ➢ Experienced senior management team in place who clearly understands the company’s current financial position, its growth opportunities, and who can execute these identified growth strategies,
   ➢ Currently generating or will be generating Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR) within 12 months of the investment date,


We seek ‘financial partnerships‘ and work with senior management teams toward successful completion of each financing transaction.