Our Partners

Our Partners and Associates also offer a wealth of practical experience and have worked on many previous transactions in almost every industry sector. We have helped clients achieve their objectives through difficult and good times. We have worked on transactions of every size and across many regions. It is rare that we are faced with a challenge that we have not previously encountered and solved.From initial contact, due diligence, negotiation and restructuring, our Management Team navigates each stage of the process from the beginning until it is finalized. We provide continuous communication as we take each step through the process together. We incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach and work with your accounting, legal, and other professional advisors.


Thomas Christoff

Thomas Christoff has held senior executive positions in various companies throughout the US and Canada. Tom’s unusual combination of both finance and marketing strengths has proven to be a key benefit for SGC’s portfolio companies. Previous experience within a wide range of industry sectors include corporate and project finance, construction, infrastructure, alternative energy, and advertising agencies. The majority of Tom’s career to date has been as a senior executive on challenging financing transactions and crisis management assignments. Tom has arranged over $260 million in project and corporate financing in his career to date. Tom attended the Rotman Business School at the University of Toronto and was selected for Management Consulting position for Joint Graduate School and Federal Industry Trade and Commerce Business Consulting Service. Tom graduated with a MBA from University of Toronto in 1980.



Resumes of Corporate Finance Associates are provided prior to engagement upon request on a client by client basis.